TDK LoR Magnetic Armature (MA) In-Ear Headphones TH-ECMA600 Black

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  • Model: magnetic armature type.
  • Plug: 3.5mm stereo mini plug.
  • 15-22000Hz playback frequency band.
  • Sound pressure sensitivity: 112dB/mw.
  • Input impedance: 60Ω
  • 6 Months ePlaza Warranty

To realize contour presence and clear sound even in noisy environment by designing high sound pressure, MA newly developed (magnetic armature)

Earbud Stereo Headphones CLEF-MA equipped with a driver (TH-ECMA600 )

【Product Features】achieve outstanding sound expressive power even in noisy is the armature driver of one pole type, with a (magnetic armature) driver MA new development. Is created by the diaphragm and magnet high magnetic force (an alloy of iron and nickel) permalloy, the sound of high sound pressure sensitivity, claims the presence and contour of the sound was clear even in noisy environments. High durability against external shock for one simple structure achieves superior impact resistance magnet. Also, in order to contribute to the power-saving, reducing the battery consumption of music player. Year mechanism with movable holder with adjustable position, the movable holder mechanism by 15 ° up and down year in accordance with the shape of the ear. Realized the hold that a comfortable and stable fit. Silver alloy code adopted adopted a code (silver alloy) Silver alloy blended with highly conductive silver copper wire. To achieve high-quality sound. Braided tangle resistant high-strength code (type clothing knitting)