Philips InRange Bluetooth Smart Leash

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  • Save $30

Free InRange app to pair iPhone to multiple InRange

On your iPhone / iPad, download Philips InRange from Apple App Store and start running the app. Follow the on-screen instruction to add the items you want to protect and set the alarm range. Then attach Philips InRange devices to the item.

Locate your iPhone or InRange with just one touch

To look for the added item within the set range, tap the home button on your iPhone / iPad and the InRange device attached to the item rings. Press the button on the InRange device to look for your iPhone / iPad within the set range in reverse.

Alerts when InRange and iPhone are out of range

Make calls via Bluetooth headset even with InRange paired

Small and thin to easily fit into your wallet's card pocket

InRange with protective case safely attaches to keys or bags