Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator CN MEO702 Pink
Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator CN MEO702 Pink
Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator CN MEO702 Pink
Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator CN MEO702 Pink


Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator CN MEO702 Pink

Sale price$74.90 SGD
  • Mijia(Xiaomi) CN Version
  • Model Number: MEO702
  • Smaller than Coke: The capacity of a can of Coke is 330mL, the capacity of the irrigator is 120mL, and the irrigator is smaller than Coke.
  • Light as a mobile phone: The Redmi K50 gaming version weighs 210g, the body weight is about 208.7g±10g, and the weight is similar.
  • Self-developed cleaning mode refers to: the standard mode adopts intermittent water discharge, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of water and teeth and prolong the use time.
  • A can of water can be flushed for more than 1 minute: the time to pump a box of water in the standard mode of the dental irrigator is about 87±3 seconds.
  • 1400 times/min: The pulse power of the irrigator can reach 1400 times/min in strong mode.
  • Safe gum protection: The water pressure is stable and will not damage the gums due to sudden high pressure impact.
  • Low battery: refers to the low battery status between 10% and 30%.
  • 2 hours fast full charge: Test charging with Agilent power supply, voltage 5V, current 1A, full charge time is less than 2 hours.
  • 60 days long battery life: The standard mode of the irrigator works for 1 minute a day and can last for 60 days. Data from Soochow's in-house laboratory.
  • 80psi: tolerance range ±20psi
  • 120psi: tolerance range ±20psi
  • 40-70psi: Tolerance range ±20psi.
  • 0.6mm: Tolerance range 0.6mm-0.7mmo
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Food contact grade material.
  • Automatic power off, anti-dry burning: the irrigator automatically shuts down every 2 minutes to prevent dry burning.
  • Package: 1 x Oral Irrigator, 1 x Type-C Charging Cable, 1 x Standard Nozzle, 1 x Orthodontic Nozzle, 1 x Nozzle Storage Box, 1 x Storage bag