Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager
Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager
Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager
Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager
Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager
Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager


Breo Shiatsu therapy with Air compression Foot Massager

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  • Breo foot massager comes with deep kneading, air compression, scraping, rolling, heating function. This reflexology massager can help stimulate the nerves and improve blood circulation to relax sore, tired, and achy feet after all day working or standing.
  • Air Compression: Double air compression massage on insteps and ankles from 2 airbags helps relieve tension while stabilizing feet for enjoyable scraping massage in full-coverage and deep tissue massage, like professional massagist hands.
  • Heat Function: Features with an optional heating function (40~45℃), the shiatsu foot massager helps improve blood circulation, relieve pain on fatigued muscles and relieve your stress. The temperature will gradually increase from 104 to 122 ℉ in 3-5 minutes.
  • Safe & Convenient: Control all functions by a simple touch on the sensitive touch panel. With the removable and washable foot sleeves, the electric foot massager is easy to keep clean—no need to worry about any smell on the foot massager.
  • Product Name: Breo Foot Massager
  • Input: 12V⎓
  • Dimension: L418 x W359 x H230 (mm)
  • Model: Foot Massager
  • Net Weight: 3.5KG
  • Accessories: adaptor / replaceable liners
  • Power Rating: 30W
  • Rated Current: 2.5A
  • Default Time: 15 min

Provide much needed relief through working the body & foot reflex.

Use the precise node design for targeting specific reflex points to bring the body into a state of optimum functioning. 

Benefits include relax the muscles and relieve tension, improve the blood and energy circulation, and balance the body and organs for healing, energizing, and restoring.



Applies appropriate pressure on reflex points to melt away foot tiredness and soreness effectively.


Proper oxygen and nutrients are activated through the whole body to stimulate the lymphatic system.


Applying constant pressure to feet signals the body to adjust the tension level and therefore enhances overall relaxation to relieve stress and anxiety.


A more relaxed state of the mind and the body is realized with a vital blood circulation.

Go More Profound Than The Skin And Muscles.

Stimulate the lymphatic system for detox.

Massaging trigger points on feet with the just-right pressure, breo foot massager clears channels of blocked energy throughout the whole body by moving the flow of blood and nutrients. This leads to the stimulation of the lymphatic system and enhance the whole-body circulation for detoxification.

Benefits Whole-Body With Precise Node Technology.

Deep rolling kneading, strapping, and tapping massage techniques.

Rooted in Reflexology theory, the massage nodes are designed to perform various massage elements such as deep kneading and tapping to penetrate every acupoint on your foot precisely to stimulate muscle recovery and relief, and bring internal organs and systems into a state of optimum functioning. 

Pamper Your Feet With The Optimized Heat Technology.

Heat-enabled massage.

Find revival and energy faster with the built-in warm compression technology that offers you a soothing heat foot relief to melt away soreness and tiredness, reduce foot pain, and lead to a better body efficiency in a more powerful and relaxing way.

Hygiene Matters.

Removable & washable covers.

The easily-detachable cover with zippers makes it a great hygienic choice for being an at-home foot massager that allows you to wash the part that touches your skin by zippering it off conveniently.