Breo Scalp Mini Massager With Charging Base Gold

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The Scalp Mini by Breo is one of our most versatile basic massagers. With a sleek design and tried-and-true massage technology, this device delivers a perfectly no-frills scalp and full-body massage. It enables professional-grade results via longitudinal gliding, kneading, trigger point stimulation, and oscillating pressure. Use it to increase blood flow and reduce pain for faster muscle recovery.

Breo Scalp mini- Sophisticated Technology

Sophisticated Technology makes relaxation RE-DEFINED.

The Scalp Mini’s sophisticated 96 soft silicone nodes design with four massaging heads closely replicates the six traditional massage skills of longitudinal gliding, kneading, trigger point therapy, and oscillating pressure. Three modes - low speed, high speed, and changing speed - meet your varying needs and moods. It helps increase blood flow to help tone and soften the skin and provide a soothing head relaxation to help stimulate hair growth.

Ergonomically designed and waterproof Breo Scalp mini

Ergonomically designed and waterproof.

Armed with ergonomic designs, Scalp Mini is easy to hold, it fits perfectly in the hand of both males and females. Up to the IPX7 waterproof standard, it can be used even in a shower and can be used as a shampoo brush. The compact scalp massager enables you to clean your scalp better with joy. 

Breo Scalp mini - Multifunctional and safe to use

Multi-function and Safe.

Made up of soft and high-quality food-grade silica gel, which is gentle and non-irritating to the skin. The Scalp Mini is initially designed for the scalp, but it applies to other body parts such as legs, hands, shoulders, and neck as well.

 rechargable and portable

Rechargeable, travel-friendly, and pet-friendly.

USB charging is easy with your power bank, computer, or connector. Weighing only 320g, Scalp mini can be a secret in your pocket, travel-friendly, and easy to carry, providing you with comfortable scalp massage anytime and anywhere. Also, it turns out to be very popular with pets, like cats.

easy to clean scalp massager

Waterproof and easy to clean.

The scalp is waterproof; so it can be used with wet hands and hair. When not in use, it is recommended to be placed on its base, which helps to keep the massager clean and sanitary. And the kneading heads are removable so cleaning is easy. 

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