Breo Massage Gun 2

  • $189.00

  • RELIEVES MUSCLE SORENESS: Built with a non-detachable bullet head & 2 interchangeable heads, and 5 speeds ranging from 1600 to 3200 RPM, Breo Massage Gun 2 provides targeted treatment for every muscle and melts away your body fatigue and soreness caused by a workout or a busy day of work. Suitable for people including athletes, runners, office workers, and drivers. A must-have in every household.
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Breo Massage Gun 2 massage gun amplitude up to 12mm working back and forth provides accurate & powerful pressure into the body’s muscle tissue. Rapid percussion sends therapeutic vibration deep into muscle tissue, quickly easing pain, knots, and stiffness.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & QUIET: With a low noise level ranging from 35 to 55dB, this portable massager can be used in the comfort of your home or kept in your office or gym for instant stress relief. Having a lightweight design (700g) with a built-in USB-type c charging cord, Breo Massage Gun 2 offers you an on-the-go effective relief anytime, anywhere.
  • EXTENSION HANDLE: The Detachable extension handle is effective for back pain relief and hard-to-reach areas. Suitable for people of different heights to achieve a comfortable self-myofascial release.