Breo iSee 3S Eye Massager Gray

  • $119.00

Heal tired eyes 

Nowadays many people, such as personal computers, smartphones, and televisions, are overworking their eyes with various digital devices every day. Blue light can cause not only eye fatigue but also symptoms such as eyesight, dry eyes, and headaches. Not only the functional and health aspects, but also the heavier eyelids affect the beauty of the person. "Breo iSee3S" heals such eyestrain, gives a refreshing effect, and brings the functionality and beauty closer to the best condition.

3 types of modes

Circulation mode / MED mode / HARD mode. Each mode is a combination of the following 3 types of functions.

  • [Air pressurization] It is a compression function with an air pack like a blood pressure machine. A unique pack gently presses on a total of 12 acupoints around the eyes.
  • [Slight vibration] Gently perform slight vibrations that cannot be achieved by human hands to loosen muscles.
  • [Hot pack] It warms the eyes gently to bring a relaxing effect and eliminate fatigue.

Powerful Heating  & Reduce Eye Strain.

adopts kneading, trigger point, and rhythmic percussion massaging. Provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit(40℃-42℃), better for Effectively relax eye pain, improve blood flow, reduce headaches, and alleviating chronic eye soreness.

Two different dexterity functions

Time function Automatically stops in 15 minutes. It's okay to fall asleep. Sound function Relaxing sound 4 kinds of built-in to relax your mind: melody, flowing sound of water, cricket bark, piano sound.